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09 July 2017 | Vegfinans AS

Visitors payment

Signing up for an AutoPASS-agreement is convenient for you if you are travelling frequently to Norway (every week/month) or mandatory if you drive a vehicle over 3500kg gross vehicle weight used for industrial purpose. If you are travelling with a private caravan over 3500kg and sign up for an AutoPASS agreement, you only pay for a small vehicle. With an AutoPASS agreement you can only pay to a Norwegian bank account, not per credit card.

You can sign up for an AutoPASS-agreement here.

If none of these apply to you, we recommend you register your vehicle with an EPC account on www.epcplc.com. This will reduce the time from when you pass a toll station till you receive your invoice. With an account on EPC, you will get access to your invoice to see passages, check due dates and payment information.

If you drive in Norway with a foreign vehicle without a tag og an account on EPC, the Invoice will be sent to the owner of the vehicle. This is done via EPC (Euro Parking Collection) in London.
The address of the vehicle owner is obtained by EPC.

0047 32 80 82 70
Vegfinans AS is a joint management company for toll companies in Oppland, Hedmark, Buskerud, Telemark, Vestfold, Østfold and Akershus county. Vegfinans AS was founded to perform administrative services for toll road companies of central Norway.