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Regional toll company

Vegfinan has come furthest in Norway in the regionalization process of the industry and today it covers 7 counties in Eastern Norway. Vegfinans is the parent company in the group and is the owner of more than 20 toll companies.

Vegfinans is the largest toll company in Norway in regards to loan financing of road projects and the second largest measured against total toll income.

We contribute to the professionalization of toll road management through our specialized expertise and experience with toll roads. The Group has a joint financial management and unified management, follow-up and control of the entire chain of the toll road process. Routines, processes and structures in the companies are standardized and in regards to our customers, Vegfinans provides a equal platform consisting of common information and communication.


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Vegfinans AS is a joint management company for toll companies in Oppland, Hedmark, Buskerud, Telemark, Vestfold, Østfold and Akershus county. Vegfinans AS was founded to perform administrative services for toll road companies of central Norway.